In my youth I trained in Royal Academy of England Ballet so when my daughter showed an interest in learning ballet I was overjoyed. I was disappointed in many of the dance schools in the area. Dance classes were a mix of many dance techniques and lacked in any real focus on one technique.When I found CBT I was impressed. The class is a good mix of playful teaching of technique, introduction to vocabulary through the names of the positions, gentle corrections for proper form and posture. CBT is offering my daughter a playful dance environment while building a solid foundation in the discipline, beauty, art, grace, and poise of ballet.

Krys Kyle
(Karalyn' Mom)


My daughter joined Classical Ballet Theatre when she was 5 years old. She has been taking classes for 4 years. The first day she cried because she was shy and nervous when she entered the classroom. Now she loves ballet, enjoys every practice, performance, and is able to stand confidently on the stage. I really appreciate Ms. Kotomi’s professional coaching and
patient ! Ms. Kotomi corrects every action carefully. She always encourage and support my daughter to have a confidence and keep challenging. So no matter if my daughter would able to become a ballerina, I will encourage her to continue having her ballet lessons at CBT.



My daughter went to Saturday afternoon class and had a very enjoyable time dancing and learning. Parents are sitting and observing quietly. Classical Ballet Theatre gives students and parents such welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Class size is small. Students receive hands on training. My daughter receives a lot of attention, is able to understand every single exercise. Teacher demonstrates and explains. It is so beautiful to see
students progress and express with beautiful classical music and receive pure classical ballet training in positive environment. We signed up today and are looking forward to having next lessons!   A CBT mother, M.O.


Thank you so much for giving me another wonderful year at CBT. Because of you, my ballet has improved infinitely over the last four years. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and taught me. Classical Ballet Theatre gives students an opportunity to demonstrate in front of younger
students and help children in classes and performances. Students can develop communication skills, receive leadership training, and are all inspire to improve and become helpful to everyone. I wouldn't even be remotely close to where I am today without you, Ms. Kotomi. Thank you.  CBT student, Giovanna


我女儿五岁开始进入Classical Ballet Theatre,转眼已经近四年了。从开始的哭着进教室, 手忙
脚乱地在后面跟, 到现在爱上芭蕾、享受每次练习和表演的过程、能够自信的站在舞台上, 非
常感谢Ms. Kotomi 耐心专业的指导!
Ms. Kotomi 会细致、耐心的纠正每个动作, 会不断 地 鼓 励 、 支 持 她 自 信 的 展 示 自 己 、 挑 ,战 自 己
不管以后我女儿有没有机会成为专业的舞者, 我都会支持她继续学下去!

土曜日クラシカルバレイシアター1 6 Hクラスに体験参加させていただきました。
何卒よろしくお願い致します。 S.O.