Child Life Photo 2018

Create Arts & Craft, Books, Donate Toys, Participate Charity Performances and Support Child Life! 

Classical Ballet Theatre Child Life Team hosts fundraising events at our dance studios. We are located at 2800 Skypark Drive, Torrance California 90505. Children, students, parents and teachers get together, create books with recycling materials, collect toys, understand other's needs and find ways to encourage children in hospitals.  Helping others promote positive behaviors. We want to say "you are not alone. we can overcome challenges together!" 

We are so glad to be partnering with the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles  We are proud of participants who came to support Child Life on 12/15/18 and 12/16/18.  Emma, Moe, Mia, Isabel, Laura, Irenka, Erin, Caiyi, Adeline, Rena, Runa, May, Maya, Giselle, Yuduki, Haruhi, Ayaka, Ariana, Sophia, Annabelle. 

Children's Hospital of LA has amazing Toy Donation & Child Life programs, which give our students a great opportunity to serve the community and help children with serious medical conditions going through hard times. This will help children develop empathy for others, a good kind caring heart, and develop good habits of service and gratitude.