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Come to Rhythmic Ribbon Class and Perform Age 5 & up. 

New students are welcome! It’s time to get ready for an exciting year at CBT! Come and experience CBT’s Rhythmic Ribbon Dance Workshop & Stretch Class which is guaranteed to get you ready.

You will learn to dance with beautiful ribbon and grain flexibility and grace. Stretch class instructor, Maria Shafnovavich teaches wonderful floor stretches and barre exercises and improves stage presence.


Friday 5PM-6PM
Please contact us for Free Trial Class!


Why Stretch is important?

  1. Flexibility: Stretching improves flexibility.The more you stretch, the more you move your muscles, and the more flexible you become. Over time, stretching will become easier for your body which results in improved flexibility.
  2. Posture: Stretching is also beneficial to improve your posture. Poor posture—a common and increasing problem—can easily be reversed and healed with daily stretching. Because stretching strengthens your muscles and encourages proper alignment, your body posture will be less slouched and more vertical.
  3. Increased Energy: Because stretching allows for an increased blood and nutrient flow throughout the body, not only will you feel refreshed,but also your energy levels will be increased resulting in an improved sense of invigoration.