Ballet Tech 1 2 Edit

Our dress code was created to promote the proper attitude and respect for all dance disciplines. 


Ballet class attire:


Girls age 4 - 6

Theatrical pink tights and pink ballet shoes.
Pink, light blue, lavendar, or black leotard.

Girls age 7 - teens

Theatrical pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Black leotard.

Hair must be secured in a bun or ponytail at all times.

Short hair must be pulled away from the face and neck.

A ballet sweater and/or skirt may be worn.

Boys: white t-shrt, white socks, black pants & black shoes.


Our favorite dancewear shops:

Expressly motion dancewear: 23891 Madison St, Torrance, CA 90505
310.378.2204 (only a few min away from our studios) 

Parents can also purchase them in local Target stores or order from



The following guidelines apply to all dancers:

1. *HAIR must be securely tied back in a bun.
2. *NO jewelry is to be worn in class. 
3. *Post/Stud earrings are acceptable.
4. *Please label all shoes and other related dance items with your dancer’s name. 

5. *PLEASE COME TO CLASS READY TO DANCE, with proper cover-ups on when entering and exiting