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Ballet Tech I & II


Tech I for students Ages 5 - 7  / Tech II for students ages 7 - 9 

Placement on the first day of the class. 

Saturday 3pm / Saturday 3:30pm 

Sunday 9:30am / Sunday 11am

Sunday 11:45am 

Please email or call us about the updated class schedule and availability. 

Barre exercises, center work, partnering, waltz steps, 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions & variations Fun and energy remain the focus as our blossoming ballerinas sharpen their skills. Students will develop hidden talents and improve their expressions.

Ballet I is for dancers who have completed Beginner level Ballet I and II. They should be familiar with some balletterminology and the beginning barre exercises. These dancers should be able to perform plies, tendu, degage and rond de jambe at the barre. Ballet I dancers should have a good foundation of ballet technique and the beginnings of proper alignment. Ballet etiquette will be enforced and students are expected to be engaged and focused in class.