Ballet Tech Iii Iv

Ballet Tech III/IV

Ages 8 - 11

Ballet Tech III/IV

Ages 8 – 11

Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 5:15pm- 6:45pm

As they study variations from the great ballets, our ballerinas will be encouraged to add artistry, emotion and creative expression to their dance. This series offers each student the opportunity to showcase her
presentation and stage presence as she begins to evolve from skilled student to enchanting performer.


Alignment is refined. Barre stretch, ballet facings/directions and big jumps are introduced. The use of correct arms and heads (epaulement) is emphasized. These dancers should be able to perform a full barre, and some center steps and intermediate across the floor work. Center jumps such as sauté, glissade, changement, pas de chat should be familiar and performed properly.